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Definition-Age Ratings are what are usually labelled on things such as DVD or TV show cases, or even books. Its a classification, applied to products, specifying a minimum age for a person using it.

Age Rating U- Occasional mild language,no dangerous activity that could be copied by young children,no nudity linked to romantic activities.

Age Rating PG-Should be no mention of illegal drugs,can be stronger violence than U but no strong violence,sex can be mentioned or joked about but discreetly.

Age Rating 12/12a-Mature themes are acceptable but must be acceptable for teenagers and there can be some threat including scary scenes but only occasional gory moments.

Age Rating 15-They can contain strong material including strong swearing,strong horror and violence.

Age Rating 18-Can contain very strong material which is only suitable for adults. Includes very strong language,horror and violence. No on under 18 can watch in the cinema.