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Image file formats are obviously used for photos and images. You can tell which file format has been used because of the letters on the ending. An example is JPEG (also known as JPG), these file types end in .jpg. JPEG files are images that have been compressed to store a lot of information in a small-size file. Most digital cameras store photos in JPEG format, because then you can take more photos on one camera card than you can with other formats. A JPEG is compressed in a way that loses some of the image detail during the compression in order to make the file small (and this is called “lossy” compression).JPEG files are usually used for photographs on the web, because they create a small file that is easily loaded on a web page and also looks good.


Video file formats are used for videos. File formats in general are shown by the letters at the ending. An example of a video file format is MP4. MP4 is a multimedia file format used to digitally store audio and video files.MP4 file format is basically a container which holds audio and video files that are digitally encoded.


Audio file formats are used for audio like music or audio from videos but no visuals. An example is MP3. MP3 is a standard technology and format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file (about one-twelfth the size of the original file) while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played. MP3 provides near CD quality audio.